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By Charlie Murray

Introducing the slow bag. Produced with a considered, mindful approach at all times, these guys are a little different to your ordinary tote.

We collaborated with local Canberra/Braidwood artist Chris Burton from Idle Youth to create a multi-use bag that will stand the test of time. They’re made from a durable yet supple 345gsm cotton drill fabric and sewn in Chris’ studio on a Typical industrial walking foot sewing machine using heavy duty UV treated V138 cotton thread. These things will last.

Construction-wise, the slowbag features reinforced straps, french seams to stop internal fraying, and a box-bottom to help it stand and retain structural integrity when loaded. There’s also a neat pocket inside so you can easily find your valuables when you’re out exploring or joining us for a pilates or yoga class at the studio.

The graphics have been screen printed at Megalo Print Studio in Kingston, with the circular design a nod to the Japanese inspiration behind the here. brand and serving as a minimalistic reminder to keep your presence.

We’ve got twenty of these beautiful pieces for sale in the first run. Available to purchase in the studio this week.



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