kids yoga.

By Charlie Murray

Welcome to little yo. It’s never too early to introduce mindfulness to the little people in your life, so we’ve created a fun and engaging yoga program just for them. Little yo. is our dedicated yoga class for kids.

Our delightful instructor Kiri Hudson is as passionate about yoga as she is about education, also teaching primary school locally here in the ACT.

Highly inclusive and open to ages from 5-12 years old, little yo. classes weave mindful movement into a fun flow, incorporating breathing and postural control throughout. Emphasis is given to the development of your children’s cognitive, emotional and motor skills, teaching them strategies to slow themselves down when life get’s a bit too fast.

Parents and guardians are more than welcome to sit and watch their child’s initial class if you’d like to see what our little yogi’s get up to.

Held on Mondays at 4:30pm at our studio in Canberra, these yoga classes are capped at 13 (little) people so hit the yoga page now to reserve a mat.