yoga – crescent lunge.

By Charlie Murray

We love crescent lunge. When done correctly, this yoga pose a beautiful way to lengthen and strengthen at the same time, all the while challenging your balance.

Here are our tips:

  • Make sure your alignment is on point. Stack your front knee over your front heel so your knee bends to approximately 90deg.
  • Keep the weight of your front leg loading through your heel to help engage the glutes of this leg
  • If possible, square up the rotation of your hips so that your pelvis is parallel to the front edge of your mat
  • Be careful not to let your lumbar spine extend (arch backwards) too much if you can’t stop this from happening then try shortening your stance or allowing some hip rotation back into the pose
  • Remain active in the quads on your rear leg by lifting up and straightening through the knee
  • The hip flexors on your rear leg should also come comfortably onto a stretch
  • Reach high through the fingers but relax your shoulders
  • Begin with your rear knee grounded if you’re trying this for the first time to allow you to focus on your alignment

As always, be sure to seek professional advice before attempting any yoga pose. Always be sure you’re having fun too.