yoga – warrior three.

By Charlie Murray

Warrior three, or Virabhadrasana III is one of the more dynamically challenging standing yoga asanas to perform. It’s a fantastic hamstring lengthener whilst also challenging your core, glute control and proprioception.

Here are our tips.

  • Ensure your stance foot is straight and parallel to the long edge of your mat
  • Maintain a slight bend in your stance knee as you rotate your trunk forwards into the horizontal position
  • Try placing your hands on your hips as you move your trunk to feel the pelvis rotating forwards with the spine rather than simply flexing through the spine and leaving your pelvis behind
  • Maintain your weight distributed evenly between the fore and rear foot
  • Keep your gaze directly down to prevent excessive extension of the neck
  • Ensure the hips are level and parallel to the floor
  • Avoid sagging your ribcage downwards by staying engaged through your abdominals
  • Move slowly and with control at all times to keep your glutes working

As always, be sure to seek professional advice before attempting any yoga pose. Always be sure you’re having fun too. If you’re looking for instruction feel free to drop by our studio in Canberra for a class and a coffee.