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meditation 03 – Take a walk with Ruth

This week we’re getting outside and going for a walk with the delightful Ruth. Join her as she guides you in a mindful awareness exercise that will leave you feeling calm and present in the moment.

the positive.

It’s easy to think of your brain as something you might work on when things aren’t so good – maybe thy sh*t has hit the proverbial fan and you’re in need of some help. That’s the perfect time to reach out and seek some advice. But it’s also the worst time. Now hold your fire and hear us out…

meditation 02 – Body release with Shan

Okay team, we’re back with another free meditation for your neurons to lap up. This week we’re joined by the delightful Shan for a ten minute session where you’ll use your body as a tool to release, let go and just generally chill the heck out.

why we stress.

A little look at why we stress. Read the post now over on the rosy™ journal.

say hey to rosy™.

Meet our new telehealth app! For online sessions with psychologists that speak human.

practice online.

Change your pace with slowly – our online, on demand platform.

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