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At here. we believe looking after your brain is just as important as looking after your body.

We all understand the importance of looking after our body, of exercising and eating well. But very few of us do things to look after our brain, to keep it strong and healthy too. That’s where we come in.

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give your brain a tune-up.

In this fast paced, technology driven world, learning to slow down is imperative to our mental health and wellbeing.

When we become stressed, our brain tends to switch into its default mode of fixating on the past or worrying about the future, and it becomes difficult to find our way back to the present. Our skilled clinicians are experts in wellbeing of the brain. They help you let go and learn to be more present. When we slow down and become mindful, we unlock the key to living a more rich and meaningful life.

paediatric neuropsychology.

We help little people too.

Our studio is also home to ‘little here.’, our specialist paediatric neuropsychology service. We provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments and therapy for a wide range of neurodevelopmental presentations including ASD (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), learning disorders and intellectual disability.

little here.

We also work with young people of all ages through an evidence-based approach to wellbeing.

Our highly experienced clinicians understand the significance of a diagnosis and pride themselves on both accuracy and clinical reasoning throughout the process. Beyond diagnostics, our clinical and neuropsychologists help young people to reduce anxiety and build strong, healthy minds.

Dr Andrea Murray

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Andrea is a clinical neuropsychologist with a PhD in neuroscience. She has worked extensively with children, adolescents and adults to build resilience against stress and improve mental wellbeing.

Andrea believes in the preventative nature of psychology and applies a strength based and holistic approach to her work.

She draws on evidence from neuroscience and uses mindful based therapies to inform her therapeutic practice. She helps people become more engaged, connected and committed across all aspects of their lives.

Dr Sarah Gill


Sarah is a registered psychologist with a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and has also worked extensively in psychological research, group training and health communication.

Sarah believes in supporting young people and adults to discover and develop their strengths to help navigate current difficulties, increase wellbeing, and meet future challenges.

She takes a warm and considered approach to her work at here. Sarah draws on mindful and cognitive-behavioural therapies, taking a whole-of-person approach to her practice.

Kelly Tomlinson


Kelly is a registered psychologist and AHPRA approved supervisor who has a decade of extensive experience working both overseas and across Australia.

Kelly believes in empowering individuals to overcome their current challenges and reach their full potential. Her genuine approach ensures that each individual is provided with holistic and tailored support.

She utilises a variety of considered approaches, inclusive of ACT, trauma-focused and cognitive-behaviour therapies in her practice.

things to know.


Standard psychology sessions are billed at $200 for a 50 minute appointment before any rebates are applied. Paediatric diagnostic fees vary based on the particular assessment being conducted.


Psychology sessions are often subsidised through the medicare rebate system which can give you access to up to ten sessions per year. If you’d like to claim a rebate through medicare you’ll first need to see your GP for a letter of referral and a mental health care plan. Don’t forget to bring these along to your first appointment too.

Private health.

Some private health funds will also offer rebates for your sessions. The exact amount returned will depend on your fund and level of cover so it’s best to ask them directly for this information.


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To book your psychology session simply call us on (02) 5105 7319 or email [email protected] with your contact details, the nature of the booking and we’ll be in touch to schedule your appointment.