Stress less,
be here.

Our clinicians are experts in wellbeing of the brain.

We teach you strategies to become more engaged in every aspect of your life. When we’re not present in the moment our brain switches into its default mode of fixating on the past or worrying about the future. Our skilled clinicians help you to let go and simply be here.

a different kind of psychology.

Being here. allows us to clear our mental slate.

With this sense of clarity we help you to identify your core values and lead a more meaningful life aligned with these. Values are what make us who we are and living by them is the first step to happiness.

give your brain a tune-up.

At here. we believe looking after your brain is just as important as looking after your body.

When our brain is in its natural default mode we can fixate on the past or worry about the future. Our clinicians help you teach your brain to function differently. Using a mindfulness-based therapeutic framework, we help you to be present. This enables you to detach from life’s obstacles and live in a more fulfilling way.

Work and study can be stressful sometimes, particularly when we are pressured to go fast.

When our brain is forced into overdrive, having to do multiple things at once, it is unable to work efficiently. We teach you strategies to slow down and engage, so your work and study are more fulfilling and more productive.

paediatric neuropsychology.

We help little people too.

Our studio is also home to ‘little here.’ our specialist paediatric neuropsychology service. We provide comprehensive diagnostic assessments and therapy for a wide range of neurodevelopmental presentations including ASD (autism spectrum disorder), ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder), learning disorders and intellectual disability.

little here.

We work with children and adolescents of all ages using an evidence-based approach at all times.

Our highly experienced clinicians understand the significance of a diagnosis and pride themselves on both accuracy and clinical reasoning throughout the process.

Beyond diagnostics, our neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists help children through holistic therapy to reduce anxiety and build resilience.

Dr Andrea Murray

Clinical Neuropsychologist

Andrea is passionate about working collaboratively with children, adolescents and adults to build resilience against stress and improve wellbeing.

She believes in the preventative nature of psychology and applies a strength based and holistic approach to her work. Andrea works with individuals seeking to enrich their personal lives and those hoping for a little less stress and a little more focus in their work or studies. She also helps couples and families wanting a more calm and connected dynamic.

things to know.


Standard psychology sessions are billed at $200 for a 50 minute appointment before any rebates are applied. Paediatric diagnostic fees vary based on the particular assessment being conducted.


Psychology sessions are often subsidised through the medicare rebate system which can give you access to up to ten sessions per year. If you’d like to claim a rebate through medicare you’ll first need to see your GP for a letter of referral and a mental health care plan. Don’t forget to bring these along to your first appointment too.

Private health.

Some private health funds will also offer rebates for your sessions. The exact amount returned will depend on your fund and level of cover so it’s best to ask them directly for this information.


book your session.

To book a psychology session please email [email protected] with your contact details and we’ll be in touch to schedule your appointment.