mindful movement.

We thought the world could use a little more slow right now.

Move is all about doing just that, moving mindfully. Much like our studio, this is a safe space for you to flow and learn in. There’s no ego, no pressure to perform. This is your body and your practice, we’re simply here to help.


Our slowest class. Offering you more time to pause and find your foundations.

Slow.yo is all about doing just that – slowing down. Combining elements of both hatha and vinyasa yoga frameworks, slow.yo is your chance to leave the troubles of the week behind, move mindfully and learn about your body.

Like all our yoga classes you’ll still flow from one position to the next, only this time the pace is a little slower, offering you more chance to really hone your alignment and bring your attention back to your breath.

slow.yo with ruth

A gentle practice with a focus on alignment and foundation.


A friendly balance of go and slow.

Our hr.yo class incorporates functional movement and mindful cues to achieve a moving mediation. Based on a vinyasa flow framework you will seamlessly move through sequences that challenge your strength and flexibility. There is a focus on postural alignment and connection to breath, keeping you present throughout the class.

Taught at a medium pace, hr. yoga is for everyone. Our instructors provide a range of progressions for each movement so that no matter your level of experience, you can let go and move your body in this energising practice.

here.yo with shannon.

Find you presence and practice your flow.

ready to move some more?

Join our community of like-minded humans on the mats, in the journal and simply breathing.

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