a space built just for slow.

We started here. to help you live in a more mindful way.

When we are here. we are engaged and present in every moment of our lives and when we experience life through all of our senses it becomes more rich and meaningful. There’s a different, slower way of living out there and we want to help you discover it.

what you can expect.

At here. we provide a unique therapeutic menu to help improve your wellbeing.

As humans, stress is our enemy. When our brain is stressed it activates the autonomic nervous system (our ‘fight or flight response’), creating wear and tear on the body’s immune, cardiovascular and skeletal systems. Furthermore, it also accelerates the ageing process by killing off our neurons. That’s the bad news.

The good news is we can choose to reverse these effects and improve our wellbeing anytime we want. All we need to do is reduce our stress. To do this, we simply have to spend more time in the present moment. That’s where we come in.

Our studio was made with your mind in mind.

Everything you see and touch within the space has been lovingly made by craftsmen and women who take pride in their art-form. All items have been mindfully chosen for their calming effect on the senses. The softness of the oak, the coolness of the polished concrete, the firmness of the brass door handles. The scent of the space guides you to the woodiness of a forest, bringing nature indoors. The coffee you taste has been carefully brewed in small batches with exacting care, always with the aim of bringing out the best natural characteristics of the beans possible. All of this exists against a soundtrack that echoes the basic sentiments of our studio – be slow, be mindful, be here.

join our community.

Our people (that’s you guys) make us who we are.

This is a friendly space, a place for building authentic connection to other likeminded humans. There is no hierarchy and no ego in our studio. It’s full of people with stories to share and is welcome to all. Come and say hey.

ready to find your slow?

We’ve just opened up some more availability for online telehealth psychology appointments.

If you need to find a little more slow at home right now, please reach out to make an appointment, we’d love to help you.