meet the team

  • Vicky Garling

    Registered Psychologist

    Vicky is committed to giving each person an experience in the therapeutic relationship to explore their internal space, know their personal capacity and enhance their wellbeing.

    Vicky values a genuine connection, and her approach is calm, curious and non-judgemental. Vicky acknowledges that each person is the expert in themselves and their life; and places their strengths and aspirations at the centre of the therapeutic process. Vicky's sessions lean into EFT and mindfulness therapies, as well as EMDR, ACT, SFT and CBT. She is also a practitioner of the Circle of Security Intervention (attachment based relationship program). Vicky has extensive experience providing treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, life challenges, trauma, relationship issues, adjustment disorders and parenting challenges.

    Vicky loves Yoga and feels most at home hiking or biking in the bush.

  • Clinton McCulloch

    Clinical Psychologist

    Clinton is clinical psychologist and somatic psychotherapist with 15 years of experience in supporting people in their journey of healing and inner-transformation.

    Clinton offers an integrative and holistic approach to psychotherapy, he has studied and drawn from techniques derived from Eastern and Western psychology, such as Buddhist psychotherapy, mindfulness, yoga, and depth psychotherapy. Clinton has additionally published research in mindfulness, nutrition, and mental health.

    Clinton has completed a 3-year training in Hakomi Mindful Somatic Therapy. Hakomi is a state-of-the-art mindfulness therapy, combining advances in neuroscience with the perennial wisdom of Buddhism and Taoism’s Eastern traditions. Hakomi is a gentle yet powerful experiential psychotherapy, which utilises mindfulness and somatic interventions, through which we engage in a shared exploration of your inner-world to support healing and growth.

    Outside of work, Clinton loves reading, learning, practicing yoga, and writing.

  • Madeleine Davies

    Registered Psychologist

    Madeleine has a particular interest in working with women, parents, couples, and military personnel. She focuses on supporting individuals in transitional life stages, including relationship and role changes, and grief and loss.

    Madeleine is dedicated to maintaining evidence-based practice, including promoting weight neutral and body neutral principles. She has worked closely with individuals, families and the wider community in many capacities, and recognises the complex tapestry which underlies an individual’s goals, health and development.

    Madeleine works primarily from an ACT and Schema Therapy basis, focused on helping individuals to participate and work with their unique experiences. She also utilises CBT, SFT and Motivational Interviewing. Above all, Madeleine is dedicated to creating a safe, neutral, supportive environment in which individuals can progress.

    Madeleine is always onto her next project, you'll find her building bookshelves, renovating some part of the house or crocheting. She loves finding a new board game or podcast, and is a big ol' pilates and bouldering nerd.

  • Britta Walker

    Clinical Psychologist

    Britta brings a warm, empathic and collaborative energy to the therapeutic space. She is dedicated to tailoring therapy in a manner that ensures every client feels heard, validated, and empowered to make meaningful changes in their lives.

    Britta is a Clinical Psychologist who is committed to the wellbeing of both adults and adolescents. Her practice is grounded in evidence-based therapies, including EMDR, ACT, CBT, DBT, and Schema Therapy. She is passionate about supporting individuals with life transitions, adjustment challenges, anxiety disorders, substance use concerns and those who are seeking change in their relationships with themselves or others

    Britta has over 10 years of experience working in both private and public settings, and adult and youth justice environments. She has worked in the humanitarian sector, providing mental health support in crisis situations throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

    Beyond her clinical practice, Britta enjoys all things food, travel and exercise. She will jump at any opportunity to get outside in nature or spend time with her friends and loved ones.

  • Lisa Plaza

    Registered Psychologist

    Lisa is a Registered Psychologist with over 12 years experience in adult mental health issues ranging from mild to complex.

    Lisa is warm, compassionate and interested. She works with a range of different evidence-based therapies including EMDR, ACT, DBT, CBT, Schema, motivational interviewing, brief solution focused and Narrative therapy. Lisa has experience providing treatment for OCD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress management, procrastination, perfectionism, self-esteem development and assertiveness training. She uses a humanist and person-centred approach to develop compassionate professional relationships, seeking to acknowledge strengths, resilience, values and to tailor treatment according to individual needs.

    Lisa has an interest in supporting health professionals, emergency workers, hospital staff and those that serve the community such as police, military and defence. She provides support for resilience in the workplace, preventative treatment and treatment for individuals recovering from trauma and PTSD.

    Lisa enjoys spending time with her family and friends and quiet time reading with her cats. You will often find her getting creative in the kitchen baking cakes, macarons and churros with her children.

  • Ashley Henderson

    Registered Psychologist

    Ashley is a Registered Psychologist who is passionate about helping people who are working towards living their best life on their own terms. She is available for in-studio and telehealth sessions.

    Ashley is experienced in helping people facing anxiety, depression, and trauma related disorders. She also provides neurodiversity-affirming care for autistic people and ADHDers (though does not conduct diagnostic assessments). Ashley also provides support and compassionate care for people who are part of the LGTBQI+ and ENM communities.

    In the first session, Ashley will take time to understand your core values, goals, and the obstacles you're currently facing. Her non-judgmental and gentle counselling approach will create a collaborative environment to help you achieve your goals. Ashley is well-versed in CBT and ACT. She also understands that traditional talk therapy isn't everyone's jam and can provide additional support for clients in expressing themselves through writing, non-verbal communication, and art.

    In her spare time, Ashley enjoys museums, bouldering, painting, and getting lost in research rabbit holes."

  • Jasmin Turner

    Clinical Psychologist

    Jasmin has over 10 years of experience as a therapist across an extensive range of contexts. She brings warmth and authenticity to her relationship with clients and aims to connect on a human, genuine level.

    Jasmin's interest areas are psycho-spirituality, relationship issues, forgiveness, positive psychology, indecision, anxiety, communication and interpersonal relationships, self-compassion, health issues grief, and functional neurological symptoms. She is adept in a range of modalities including schema mode therapy, transformational chairwork, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, strengths-focussed therapy, and draws on aspects of dialectical behavioural therapy and narrative therapy. She is most passionate about experiential work in session including chairwork, grounding, applied relaxation, self-soothing, sensory modulation, and inner-child work.

    Jasmin is happiest when doing Kundalini yoga, step class and spending time in nature hiking, swimming, road tripping, or camping. She loves quality time with her friends and family, especially over good quality food.

  • David O'Donohue

    Clinical Psychologist

    David is a clinical psychologist who works with adults to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

    David resonates with the idea that our minds are always trying to protect us, and that it can be helpful to understand where some of these symptoms are coming from, and why they feel so important. He believes that if we slow down and remain present, we can give ourselves the time, space, and self-compassion to understand and gently shift some of our long-standing patterns.

    David tries to be curious, open, compassionate, and authentic. He draws on several therapeutic paradigms including psychodynamic psychotherapy, internal family systems therapy, and compassion focused therapy.

    Outside of the therapy room, David enjoys spending time with his children and listening to the sound of rain and thunder in a storm. David's wife describes him as a "knowledge magpie", because he likes to collect knowledge on lots of different topics, like a magpie collecting shiny treasures.

  • Jacqueline Prance

    Registered Psychologist

    Jacqueline is a registered psychologist with 15 years experience and also has a Masters in Counselling. She applies a person-centred approach to support people and improve their overall well-being.

    Jacqueline is passionate in her work as a psychologist and helping others. She understands the importance of providing individuals with a genuine, non-judgemental, empathic and compassionate approach to enhance their overall well-being. She provides a safe space for individuals to explore, reflect, and build their strengths and skills to manage life’s challenges. Jacqueline has been working in mental health for 15 years providing evidence-based therapies for clientele with varied backgrounds and presenting issues including depression, anxiety, social anxiety, grief, trauma, psychosis, alcohol and other drugs. Combining her range of experience and ability she delivers therapeutic interventions including CBT, IPT, Person-Centred Therapy, ACT, SFBT, MBT, and DBT.

    On a personal note, Jacqueline is a mother of two, and more recently a grandmother. Life can be hectic catching up with family and friends, watching her son play football, babysitting her grandson and looking after her 2 dogs and 2 cats. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Jo Doyle

    Registered Psychologist

    Jo is a registered psychologist who works in service of well-being for her adult clients, particularly for those who experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and PTSD.

    Jo has a passion for creating space for self-reflection in order for her clients to tap into their innate capability for healing and transformation. Her style is compassionate, non-judgemental, direct, and appropriately challenging. Jo takes a positive psychology approach with particular focus on mindfulness, emotion-focused therapy, the use of imagery, and cognitive behavioural therapy. She is also a practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). An Australian born revolutionary process for well-being that resolves anxiety, depression and PTSD safely and effectively in a few sessions so that people can engage fully in a rich, deserving life.

  • Rosey Robertson

    Registered Psychologist

    Rosey is a registered psychologist with over 10 years of experience working with individuals and couples.

    Rosey works with a wide range of issues and is passionate about helping people by engaging with a person-centred approach and working collaboratively to achieve their goals. She has an interest in adult mental health and relationship counselling. She has experience working therapeutically with clients with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, grief and loss, workplace issues, conflict, and relationship difficulties. She uses a range of evidence-based therapies including ACT, CBT and Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  

  • Liz Henman

    Registered Psychologist

    Liz is dedicated to creating collaborative therapeutic relationships, encouraging and teaching skills to help people build resilience and meaning in their lives.

    Her current therapeutic approach is based on ACT, utilising components of other therapeutic techniques to create an eclectic, individualised experience. She has a holistic, strengths-based philosophy of therapy that encompasses all aspects of people’s lives, including health and wellbeing. Liz has worked in a variety of settings with children, adolescents and adults with anxiety and mood disorders, as well as general life difficulties. She has been trained in CBT, MI, Interpersonal Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and DBT. Liz also has experience with diagnostic assessments and screening.

    Liz tries her best to embody what she teaches. A good book on a rainy Sunday, paddle boarding or just soaking up the sun in the garden are some favourite activities. Exercise is top of the list too, but she also can't go past good, simple food, great company and a lovely glass of red to nourish the soul.


  • Indijah Bullman

    Registered Psychologist

    Indijah is a registered psychologist who is committed to supporting clients to enrich their relationship with their inner and outer world.

    Indijah adopts an integrated therapeutic approach, predominantly harnessing techniques from ACT, CBT, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Self Compassion Therapy. At the core of Indijah's practice is a drive towards synergising self-compassion with an awareness for helpful change processes. She has experience working with a diverse range of clients across the lifespan, however is most passionate about helping people to rebuild and reform their relationships (within themselves and/or with others). She is also well versed at helping people to move through experiences of depression, anxiety, and change processes- be it in the workplace, in relationships, or in other life domains.

    Indijah is a self-professed "nerd" and on the side of her clinical practice, also works as a research assistant and a sessional academic. She is firm on practicing what she preaches (wellbeing!) and to her, wellbeing looks like too many cups of coffee each day, taking her dog to the beach for sunrise and sunset, boogying to coastal folk music across the day, and connecting with friends over wine and boardgames.

  • Annie Johnstone

    Registered Psychologist (currently on maternity leave)

    Annie is a registered psychologist who works with people of all ages and stages of life. Annie's style of psychology has a predominantly ACT and mindfulness focus approach, whilst also drawing upon aspects of other therapies including DBT, CBT, EFT and Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).

    Annie gets to know clients as whole and complex people and brings in their interests, beliefs and personalities to find the best solutions for their goals. While that sounds like pretty intense stuff, Annie will help to bring lightness, fun and humour to the journey too. Annie’s areas of work include Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Self improvement, Cognitive performance, Relationships and Eating disorders.

    Annie is a Mum of three girls and a fighting fish called Ponyo. She loves photography, singing, gaming, reality TV, traditional cooking and going to the footy with her family (Go Cats!). As well as counselling others, Annie has also sought her own counselling at times, and knows what it's like to be sitting in the other chair. She believes that most of the time moving forward means coming back to your home within yourself. She wants clients to know that they are the masters of their own life, and with a commitment to healing, a little cheerleading and some helpful signposts, they can get through anything!

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