why we smell delicious.

By Charlie Murray

Introducing Olous, our Aesop studio room spray used to bring the aromatic scents of nature indoors.

Olous is a blend of citrus botanicals balanced with elements of woody cedar and spicy cardamom. Each class at here. is spritzed with Olous for a very specific purpose – to improve your wellbeing.┬áIt smells delightful, but know that there’s solid evidence behind the decision too. Japanese scientists have discovered that immersing yourself in nature can have significant benefits to your mental and physical health. It lowers stress by switching off the sympathetic nervous (fight or flight) system and brings on a state of relaxation by activating your parasympathetic nervous (or rest and digest) system.

Shinrin-yoku is the word the Japanese use when thinking or conversing about the state of mind brought on when one luxuriates in nature. We hope you sense this in our scent.