have a team that could use our help?

have a team that could use our help?

At here. we create tailored experiences to help teams slow down and work fast.

It’s time for your team to find their slow. Every occupation has its demanding elements with the potential to increase stress levels and negatively affect productivity. But you can do things differently. That’s where we come in.

a better approach.

An employee assistance program your team will actually want to use.

A lot of companies want an Employee Assistance Program so they can tick a box. That’s not what we’re about. We work with organisations wanting to actually support their team, who care about their staff’s wellbeing. We’re focused on positive impact, not fluff. The approachability and skill of our psychology and massage offering is what sets us apart. Our team are highly experienced, talented clinicians and they know how to have a down-to-earth conversation too. What does this mean? Your team will love our team. This sets us both up for success.

support the brain.

support the brain.

Psychology done differently.

Through approachable advice from our psychologists we’ll teach your team about stress in the brain, the body and the role that mindfulness can play in mitigating it. We’ll help them to grow as people, and work with  them to set clear values to guide their decision making.

Our psychology offering extends to all the usual suspects – anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, eating disorders, issues with sleep etc… the list goes on. However we also work in the positive, to keep your team above baseline and thinking clearly and creatively.

ingrain wellbeing into your culture.

Ready for a change of pace? Please reach out to

Know that we don’t believe in cookie-cutting. Our approach to corporate wellbeing is truly dynamic. We want to sit down with you and strategise exactly how to best implement mindful programs into your business and team. Let’s get the conversation started.