know a team that could use our help?

know a team that could use our help?

At here. we create tailored professional development experiences to help teams slow down and work fast.

From educational day-retreats teaching your team to de-stress and think clearly, to ongoing corporate wellbeing and yoga subscriptions, we help you find a different pace through mindfulness at our studio in Canberra.

go-slow day retreat.

Get a new outlook on wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

Go-slow is a day for your team to find their flow. Every occupation has its demanding elements with the potential to increase stress levels and negatively affect productivity. This day is an opportunity to bring your team together and learn about a different pace. You’ll practice mindfulness and discover the role it can play in managing stress and improving efficiency in the brain.

The environment is beautiful, the banter plentiful, the learning real, the food delicious and the wine exceptional.

morning session.

morning session.


Begin with a private yoga class to get the blood flowing and prepare your brain for the day ahead. Before you know it you’ll be sipping delectable filter coffee from Redbrick Espresso and snacking on bircher muesli and green smoothies as you ease into an educational workshop from our resident Neuropsychologist, Dr Andrea Murray. The session is highly interactive and delivers approachable and attainable advice to teach you about stress in the brain, the body and the role that mindfulness can play in mitigating it.

afternoon session.

afternoon session.


Before the afternoon session begins, we feast. Our friends at HighRoad create a shared menu that is as delicious as it is nourishing. Think 12 hour slow cooked pork in tomato chilli sauce with house-made jalapeno and potato bread wraps with a side of fresh salads. We eat, talk and laugh around the communal table before the focus of the day shifts to productivity. You’ll move into another workshop, this time focusing on how to use your brain for maximum efficiency. We’ll also workshop implementation strategies tailored to your team’s needs.

From flow drawing classes to origami, you’ll then work through a series of fun, mindful activities before winding down and celebrating with a slow wine tasting from a local producer.

corporate wellbeing subscriptions.

We help you ingrain wellbeing into your culture.

Many of our corporate clients want continued support beyond the initial GoSlow education day. From weekly team yoga and pilates classes to individual brain tune-ups with our psychologists or body tune-ups with our physiotherapists, we create bespoke wellbeing packages that make slow a part of your team’s permanent mindset.

let's do coffee.

Ready for a change of pace? Please reach out to

Know that we don’t believe in cookie-cutting. Our approach to corporate wellbeing is truly dynamic. We want to sit down with you and strategise exactly how to best implement mindful programs into your business and team. Let’s get the conversation started.