yoga – camel pose.

By Charlie Murray

Camel pose or Ustrasana will look different in every person, and that’s just fine with us. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have our instructor Zoe’s range of motion, what does matter is that you’re enjoying your yoga and practising safely.

This is a fantastic pose if you’re cross-training with running or cycling and want to lengthen tight hip flexors and quads. As it’s an extension exercise, you need to ensure you’re not loading excessively through your lumbar spine to achieve the movement.

Here are our tips:

  • support your lumbar spine with your hands as you lean backwards
  • engage your core and glutes, lift the chest as you lower and allow the head to gently follow
  • tuck your toes under to elevate your heels if you don’t have enough range to reach your hands to your heels
  • rest each hand on a block if you still can’t reach your heels

As always, be sure to seek professional advice before attempting any yoga pose. Always be sure you’re having fun too.