yoga – child's pose.

By Charlie Murray

Time for one of our favourite yoga positions. Child’s pose or Balasana by its Sanskrit name is a pose for rest. At here. our instructors will use this pose in their yoga classes to help you reconnect with your breath and find your presence when the going gets tough. It’s a chance to be still and melt into your mat, leaving your worries behind with each exhale.

Physiologically, Child’s pose provides a gentle flexion stretch for the lumbar spine and if you slide your hands forwards slightly before you sink down into the position you’ll also get a lovely stretch of the lats too. This yoga pose can either be done with knees together or alternatively with knees set wide apart towards the edges of your mat, allowing you to sink further down into the stretch.

Our instructors will always offer up a range of progressions when it comes to the movements in our yoga classes and Child’s pose is often suggested as an alternative to some of the more difficult balancing poses. Let it be known that there is no shame in taking the ‘easier’ option. We’re firm believers that on any given day you need to listen to your body and your brain and leave your ego at the door. So it doesn’t matter what the rest of the class is doing, if you’re in need of a rest then feel free to spend a bit of time chilling out in Child’s pose and join back in when you’re ready.