friendly yoga.

By Charlie Murray

We’re lucky to have such a great team of instructors guiding us through our yoga classes at here. They’re our tribe of professional rockstars and we love them to bits. They’ve worked hard over their years of practice to afford their bodies flexibility and strength to move in some pretty amazing ways. Exhibit A: Scorpion in forearm stand.

We’ll always work hard with you to achieve your own personal yoga goals, no matter how small or expansive they need to be for your particular body. However, we want you to know that there’s never (and we mean NEVER) an expectation that you, on your mat, need to be able to move like this to be a part of our community.

Our yoga classes are friendly. In every class we’ll offer progressions for each asana and there’s definitely no pressure to choose the ‘harder’ options – they exist for when you’re seeking a challenge and your body is ready. So next time you want to skip a vinyasa and chill out in child’s pose instead, that’s just fine by us.

Yoga should be fun, not a competition. Let’s keep it that way.

To view the timetable of yoga classes at our studio in Canberra, hit this link.